Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Movie Maker

Recently, I have made a very long movie (23Minutes) in Moviemaker.  It has been a huge learning curve.  I learnt how to insert photos, screenshot internet shots of our school blogs, and insert videos, add music, trim the music and heaps of other things.  And then it all fell over when I went to finish it by converting it to a movie.  I discovered that all the images had to be in one file in the programme.  However, the programme makes new files every time you import in the new image.  BLAH!!.  Because what I was doing was for a presentation it was all very frustrating.  I then tried to load the movie to UTube and or TeacherTub and ran afoul of their 10 minutes time limits.  In the end I had to split the movie by reimporting back in and remaking in 10 minutes slots because movie maker does not allow you or I could not find our to make the times shorter even though I had deleted frames. Anyway, I now know, I have to make things in 10 minute slots or less, or use another programme.  In case you were wondering, Movie Maker only allows you to put on the internet with 3 choices for sites, none of which are named above, nor does it give embed codes.  Of course, there are possibilities, that I have missed something.  The learning curve is still ongoing.

In the process of all this I found a really good programme called Screenshot Studio which I have used constantly since to crop avatars and things for my class school magazine page.  It allows you to save as a jpeg or copy to the clipboard straight away.  No pasting into paint etc. Here is an example of a scren shot from a friend's blog.