Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Action Research - Writing

I am finding this hard to do.  When I set a task students who do not have access to the computer can get envious though I say we have to share but it is tricky with 4 computers and 27 children.  I do notice the children I have targeted for the research do work better on the compter, even if just typing their writing straight into word.   Two of the students have long term habits of little writing, and task avoidence.  Suggestions for improvements can be a struggle.  I think longer term, using a computer all the time would help these students.

Integrated Learning: Pop Up Books

Today I showed by students a new programme using pop ups to create books.  They are excited about the programme at zooburst.com.  I am using it for my students to recreate Maori myths as part of our Hook activities for our Inquiry unit.  They are also learning the skill of drawing a character or part of the setting in paint and saving it as a jpg to use in the programme.  I only taught myself the rudimentary skills of the programme and demonstrated that with the data projector.  The kids will sort the programme quicker than I.  I did notice after their help with goanimate, that there are similarities between the programs.  This is good for my confidence.  Zooburt comes with embed codes so we will be able to embed on the class blog. Watch this space!!!!

ICT Lead Teacher Day

I had a good day today.  We had a fun time making a little presentation about the difference between inquiry learning and teaching as inquiry (action research).  We decided to make Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory teach Penny.  All three of us learnt how to convert Utube videos to avi when downloading, and tonight I have added a downloader to Firefox as an addon.  Sometimes it is very scarey thinking about how much I don't know as I am not an always on my computer type of person.  We are approaching the end of the cluster time and I do know that I am much more confident, probably know more than I think I know and I will miss the ongoing PD.
Being a lead teacher has made me grow in my ability to stand up infront of people and think more quickly, to give my student's more ownership of activities by being more relaxed, and has made me more proactive in trying new things.