Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally on my laptop and blog.  Am at a leader teacher day and it has been frustrating not being able to comment on the things we have seen so far.  Will try to catch up.

Our Smackdown had some excellent teacher websites like pininterest, and Sen Teacher.  I was reminded again of mathzlinks and

We chatted about the "Cloud."  EPS are now google doc orientated for planning etc and emails and SPS are going that way too.  BDS has our student management on the cloud and looking at the rest as our server is upgraded.

Now we have been listening to various classes using ipads and ipods and the applications.  Some really appealing maths ones for learning maths facts and spelling.  I can see the appeal as a reward to use for behaviourly challenged children who need incentives.  The students showing us their skills on these tools are very impressive.  Their Year 6 teacher likes the students to be creative and finds the ipod a bit more difficult.  They are still on the learning curve.   It is fantastic to see the enthusiasm from the kids.

Discussion on mobile classrooms was interesting.  There is lots of implications on the whys and where's of students bringing a device from home, different application loaded, what parents say they can have verses the school, and how to set up. 

Interesting point is that Belinda as an ICT teacher has an ipad and laptop and still needs both at this time.
Some teachers may get away with just an ipad.  Excellent  discussion on mobile classrooms.