Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 class blog

My class blog has got off to a good start, with photographing my students portraits of themselves, and them using their Solo define map of ME to define themselves. My students are getting their parents to comment. I am giving house points for getting people to comment as an incentive so that the blog becomes more than students creating content for the sake of creating content.  I have had a good start because I organised the blog to be set up before the students started.  Other years, it has been after that, and taken ages to get up and running. Also I am much more confident in the design and setting. The ICT team with the principal's support have decided all classes will have a blog this year as most had one last year and to keep the learning going.  I had already decided to keep mine going to keep my own learning up, and to work on getting more comments as they have been far and few between in other years.  The portraits and me definitions have received very postive comments from the parents.  Wonderful.


A new year has rolled around. This year my goal with ICT is to integrate better in my classroom programme. I had some success but this year I now have 4 classroom computers plus my teacher laptop. That means 2 students can work together if I have groups of 8, and if 10 in a group they can use mine. It also means that from 8.30 until school starts, students can complete work.
We had Solo Taxonomy PD for our teacher only day, with training on the rest of the maps. My other goal is to learn how to incorporate the maps in my classroom programme as much as I can.
Now our cluster is over so to speak, I want to be able to keep the learning I have done, and to continue moving forward with it.