Thursday, September 5, 2013

lead teacher day

Wow, I haven't been here for a while.  Today has been really great.  I enjoyed the Smackdown and seeing the uses for Ipad, now I have one.  It makes a great difference.  I have also enjoyed having the time to understand what I need to know to ensure our school ipads are set up correctly.  I made notes on the ipad, so I can go back to the technican and ask the pertinent questions.  I have also been reminded about leasing including ipads, and more leasing.  I changed Year levels and have been inspired to use puppet pals with my Year Ones.  Now to get organised.  Belinda was asking about Google Docs.  Elm Park are using and this is something us lead teachers need to trial.

I have been learning how to use Audacity in the last week for our Wearable Arts performance, mashing 4 tunes together.  Not a mix up.  I found several how to's on Youtube.  Some more helpful than others.  The downside of learning something like this is that it will be some time before I get to use it again.  I hope I don't forget.

I have an ipad, I have an ipad ......

Oh, I have to buy some dongles for us.  A trial accessory for lead teachers.   Yasmine - no apple tv box yet.