Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Learning my Mistakes

I have just learnt to delete comments.  I had some comments in Chinese? but my ability in foreign languages is very small and limited to 2-3 phrases in French and Maori.  Anyway, I checked my settings and silly me and not made comments come to my email to for moderation.

Makes me worried what else I missed.

ICT integration Week 2 Term 2

Last week I was on Year 6 camp.  It was a great camp, and the most ICT was taking photos.  Anyway, back to school and getting back into classroom routine.  ICT on Monday was using the mimio to demonstrate handwriting, getting a reading group to make blogs for the class on their week last week.  Today, I was teaching 2 students to use movie maker to make a short film to share our Year 6 experiences. Sent a child out to photograph our new classroom that we will be moving into shortly and the camera died.  Luckily it was the lense not the SD card.

My new teacher laptop was set up while I was away, but it is not synchronising to the server, but connecting to the server so planning done at the weekend on my old laptop can't be picked up on the new laptop.  Also the wireless connection is not working.  Other than that, my new laptop feels new and lovely.