Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lead Teacher Day

I missed the last lead teacher day.  It was probably the first I had ever missed.  Today I arrived late due to an IEP, and have felt like on catch up the rest of the time.

I did arrive in time for Belinda to share her presentation on purpose that she did.  It was a timely reminder about purpose as we come to the end of the year.  Bridget who does ICT with me is on maturnity leave next year and we have an amical difference of opinion over blogging for next year. It does occur to me that the staff at our school need a revisitation of purpose for blogging to encourage them to do it well.

We looked at the app book creator and used pictures from a sophisticated picture book (Rose Blanche) and wrote our own lines to it.  Most had not seen the book before.  Book Creator had a couple of foilbles, like all programs.  I think Year 5/6 children would take to it really easily.  We also had a look at Story Bot which is good for ESOL, new entrants, and slow progress students as it teaches sentence construction.  Creativ...uilder was looked at to.  We were split into two groups so I looked more at Story Bot.

I have not done so well with my ICT this year.  Some is because of the frantic year I have had with Year5/6 and all their interruptions, not being able to get the laptop pod so frequently which was bad for me but good in that other staff are doing more, and all the work we have had to do to ensure that students are meeting the National Standards.  (hah!!)

Next year I am teaching Year One so am looking forward to see how well I get them using ICT.

I was reading in the previous gazette about ICT and ensuring students are having opportunity to have them using equipment and creating rather than being users of content.  A key aim that is close to my heart.