Thursday, September 17, 2009

Making Surveys

Today I taught 2 classes how to make surveys in google docs.  I began last week with 2 other classes and then, with my class on Monday.  A week before that I taught my fellow syndicate teachers.  The good thing about practise is you get better and better and refine as you go.  Having the students see what I did via the data projector, and then go to computers and do themselves it great to see.  It also shows how easily they learn from viewing.  One student who I had taught last year, and who is generally classed as a slow learner, was able to tell the student who was controlling the computer what to click on next.  It was great to see this student demonstrate learning easily and quickly.  A moment to treasure. 

I have learnt much about making surveys in google docs but there is still more to learn.  I had only done it a couple of times before and had found how to change the background, though did not mention this to the students.  It is interesting to see one group did make a background change under their own initiiative.

Making surveys has been part of our inquiry learning process about making something for the school fair that will help raise money for our school. 

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  1. I have seen the surveys published on class blogs and they are amazing. The kids obviously enjoyed the task and it had a very authentic purpose. It's so great to see you working in the other classrooms and making such a big difference. Well done!