Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Going up in the World

I have 2 new toys - a touch phone and a netbook. My phone has not come with the instruction book yet and when I tried the net for instructions, the website had a problem.  I am learning my way through trial and error, and get better as I get over my fear of too many things.  I even used the internet on it yesterday.

I came to Ulearn with my netbook and have been typing my notes on it, and using the internet.  It is so much more light weight than my laptop, and often I find it frustrating when I go to do a capital and get page up instead and end does not go to end.  Overall, it has been good for me.  It was mentioned yesterday in one of the keynotes (I think) that touch is the way and the mouse is on it's way out since the ipad was launched.  At the Microsoft stand I used a laptop where you touched the screen instead of clicking or tabing. (tabbing)???
That's me, late to going up in the world.

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