Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Global Communities

My first day at Ulearn was the preconference day on a course titled: Global Communities.
I learnt about this really cool website called iearn. .  Iearn has a projects page where students can join and collaborate in global communities so that their learning is not limited to their own environment.  These projects are often action inquiry where communities are improved.  I liked this idea because most of the inquiry units that we do at school do not have that social action or link with communities around the world.
Here are some screen shots of projects that attracted me for my Year 5/6 students.

I like the idea of Beauty of the Beasts as a first project as I know how much my students like art and our native animals.  Also it means they can learn about being part of a global community online before embarking on a larger project. 

We then moved onto making a project using  I decided to make a homework project. .  This project is for next year and this webpage needs work.  I ran out of time to think my way through it on the day.

This morning after listening to Lane Clark I realise I will have to rethink my changes again.  Watch this space!!

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