Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Integration of ICT

On Monday, Marie and I worked on our plan for integraing ICT in our classroom programmes so we can present at Ulearn with Belinda.  Part of this will  include some action research with our reluctant writer students who will be identified from our writing sample. Our general focus for integration will be literacy.  We talked about maths but it can be difficult to get students from being consumers to creators.  I found I liked this phrase, and I guess it is at the stage of my learning that I actually now understand what this means.  Over this past two years, my students have mostly been consuming, ie accessing learning websites like digistore, NZ maths, WickED etc, with the occasional creating during inquiry topics.
I have started with a conscious effort to use my mimio as my whiteboard as the modelling book for whole class, one of my reading groups made a poster to save the environment from a guided reading story, we made group posters of our class treaty in publisher, and more recently, making postcards to publish our postcard from the planets stories from our Where are we in Space? inquiry topic.  Next term, I need to ensure in my weekly plans that I have students creating during guided reading, and having my reluctant writers working on the 3 computers in class, taking turns at a variety of ways of writing to inspire them.
This will take time and effort but I think quite exciting to move me and mys students to a different level with ICT in classroom.

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