Monday, March 8, 2010

Lead Teacher Day 9 March 2010

Today has been a good day.  We heard from those who had been at Learning@School.  This was followed by looking at Action Research - research to improve our teaching.  Belinda would like each school to have an Action Research project at each school in the cluster.  We tried to come up with ideas so that we could do this.  Belinda had purchased for each school Action Research a developmental approach  by Carol Cardno.  On a quick glance this seems very readable.  As I want to present at Ulearn I tried hard to add an action research portion to  what I want to do but that was extremely hard.  I am not sure if it is possible at this stage, so WATCH THIS SPACE.

I had a good look at the website of an Action Research project  It was particularly great to see her work with junior students on inquiry and oral language.  There is still some reluctance at my school expecially with inquiry and ICT in general, and to be able to show this website at a staff meeting will be fantastic - ie seeing what they can do.  Some of the ideas will fit nicely with our inquiry topic we are just starting on "Where are we in Space?"  I also thought I might be able to adapt them for my Year 5/6 class to use also so I can do some PD with the staff on the thinkers keys as that came up at the last staff meeting to fit in with our space inquiry. 


  1. Awesome ideas Lyndal. Don't worry too much about the action research yet as we want to keep it simple and we can work on this together when I come into see you. I would be really interested to hear the feedback you get if you do share that wiki with your staff as it certainly gives food for thought for those sceptics you mention ....

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