Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Getting the students to teach me

On Tuesdays I lose about half my class to choir practise so I have decided to have fun with ICT with the rest of the class.  Today I had booked our pod of 8 laptops so that I could get them to work out the Goanimate.com program from the Cool Tools for Schools website.  I don't know whether it is our server blocking but only the class work station would work the program properly.  I had had a go on Sunday an struggled to make the program work so I had the bright idea of putting the students on and they could then teach me.  They were definately enthusiastic but trying compatability views helped to some extent but I also don't know whether using the same login for all computers was stopping us too.  I think we were all frustrated.  I then tried some of the other website but had trouble loggin into them as well. Talk about best laid plans.

1 comment:

  1. At least you are giving it a go. And I definitely like your idea of seeing if the kids could teach you how to use the site. Hopefully the technical hiccups can be sorted for next time ... so don't let it put you off!