Wednesday, May 19, 2010

In Class Support - modelling

Today I went into a Year 2 classroom and modelled a writing lesson using the mimio.  Over the past 2 years I have taught myself how to use the mimo and projector as the white board. It's not rocket science just effort. This term I am going into to model a lesson to staff to encourage the shift in thinking from using the little board or modelling books.  I decideded to use writing as it gave me a chance to plan learning intentions etc for the students rather than off the cuff, when I went in as a specialist teacher with the laptops and the students used a programme.  Anyway, I had a lovely time with this class and they did some fantastic writing.

I used a poem about yellow things, and we talked about other colours and I wrote the things related to the colours under their headings.  One student wrote about the colour red, and the last line of her poem was red is the poppies, for the men who fighted in the war.  (fighted is her unedited word).

Red is like lava
Red is like blood
Red is like a fire engine
Red is like the sun
that makes me hot.

Orange as the autumn leaves
Orange as a juicy orange
Orange as the sun
that keeps our life and light.

Pink si like a rose
Pink is like a yummy strawberry cake
with some candles shining in the night.

Silver is a star
Silver is glitter
Silver is a tanker driving past my street.

Blue is the sky
Blue is the rain
Blue is Neptune
Blue is the ocean
that I swim in.

Sometimes I get more excited about children's writing than ICT.

Then this afternoon I went into a Year One class and we looked at a poem about the word big - My smile is as big as .....and wrote about My eyes are as big as....   Demonstrating the poem without a mimio pen and mimio but using the program with the laptop is much harder because you are dashing backwards and forwards from the laptop to the whiteboard.  Its not far but can be disjointed.  I am spoilt with my laptop right by my whiteboard.

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  1. This a awesome work Lyndal - you are obviously doing a great job! Things really start falling into place when you are able to come into room to provide ICT support and it just slots in with whatever was happening in the class before you were there. The learning intentions are curriculum related, not ICT related, and the tool you are using is helping to achieve that. I would get very frustrated with the equipment limitations too. The data projector outlet needs to be close to the board not where ever the teacher's desk happens to be at the time of installation! Hopefully that mistake was not repeated in the new rooms? If teachers are really desperate you can get extension leads for the outlets but it's a messy option.