Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Staff Meeting

I had to talk about our lead teacher days that we had been to.

When we first started our contract and Mark Treadwell spoke at Sky City about how we do not know what learning will look like in the future. Is this the future? Personally I find this video scary. I worry about my own teaching skills and how I have to shift in my thinking. And yes, when will I ever have all the equipment I need. However, it is not the only thing I think about. We have essentially 2 terms left on our contract. We have made great changes and shifts here at Botany Downs but what will our future be? Our theme this year is Sustainability. At times, I find it hard to change but I look at my students. One only lights up when in front of a computer, nothing else motivates him. The old ways that still excite others do not work. This student learns in a different way from me. Remember SISIMO. Learning through sight, sound and motion. Sometimes I wonder whether I am meeting the needs of my students, and resent having to change. I like the way I do some things as a teacher as I have been successful with these methods. But it comes down to children learning and succeeding. I have come to the conclusion that my teaching has to be adaptive so I do not fail those students who could fall through the cracks because I have not met their needs. I challenge you with these questions: What is your vision for your teaching for the future? What is your vision for Botany Downs in 3 years time, or 5, or 10? Does it look like this school in California or can we go one better.

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