Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My class blog

This past week, my students have been blogging on our class blog from home.  It has caused some to be more enthusiastic and they have been doing recounts.  I encouraged  (bribed) them with house points as well.  They are much more confident with posting and loading videos. The house points has made us share to check that the homework is done and allocated the points.  They like the sharing this way, and help each other.  I have added house points as homework this week to get their parents to comment.  I have also added a small slot in my timetable called Blog appreciation and we do a shared post, and look at other blogs and make comments as a class.
I have given permission for them to add appropriate, non racist, not rude etc and parental check.

They are very keen to change the voki.  I keep avoiding it.

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